tiffany nichole greene

SKELETON CREW Trinity Repertory Company

Review: This is a play that not only feels incredibly true to life, but one that is also highly entertaining and touching. SKELETON CREW feels like it happened yesterday. That immediacy delivered by excellent performances creates something striking and unforgettable.- Broadway World


CANNIBAL GALAXY: a love story Xavier University

Review: The play is sad, but hopeful; funny and tragic.  It’s one of the best directed plays I’ve seen in a long time, too.  Tiffany (Nichole) Greene takes us on a literal journey throughout the Gallagher Student Center Theatre in telling this remarkable story.  We start as tourists in a museum, standing in the large theatre before finding our seats on the stage.  The production is both immersive and distant. Sometimes the actors are within a few feet of us.  Other times, we are removed from the action by several yards.  But not once did I feel disconnected.- The Sappy Critic

ROMEO AND JULIET Stage West Theatre/Bass Hall